FREE Nordost Cables with GoldenEar Speakers Promo

Posted on 1st August, 2016

FREE Nordost Cables with GoldenEar Speakers Promo

GoldenEar Technology, one of the most experienced loudspeaker companies in the world, via their Australian distributor Kedcorp are running a special promotion until the end of September.

Simply by purchasing Triton Two+ or Three+ during the promotion period, and you'll receive a pair of Nordost White Lightning speaker cables - conditions apply.

GoldenEar Technology is all about making high-end affordable. GoldenEar’s founders and their engineering team have literally hundreds of years of combined experience. The result is a truly great loudspeaker system that will disappear and the sound will seem to float in the air with tremendously lifelike height, width and depth. We know that you will enjoy and appreciate the result.

GoldenEar's Triton 2+ and 3+ floorstander speakers combine elegant styling with top shelf sound and value. A major feature of the Triton series is a renowned High-Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter used to propagate sound waves and move air by squeezing it with an accordion-like pleated diaphragm.

The gain is said to be greater efficiency, lower distortion, better dynamic response, greater accuracy and much more detail. Clearly no idle boast since the Triton 2+ has won several “Speaker of the Year’ “and “Audio Product of the Year” awards.

GoldenEar make a point of the Triton’s sonic ability and compare it too much more expensive speakers.

The $6595 Triton 2+ uses many of the technologies carried by the Triton 1 and these include a fully balanced crossover, high-end film capacitors, redesigned midrange/upper bass drivers and a reprogrammed DSP.

The Triton 2+ are 48-inches tall and have a built-in subwoofer driven by a 1200-watt GoldenEar Force Field Digital amplifier. This drives two 5X9-inch front-mounted quadratic bass drivers working with dual-opposing side mounted 7X10-inch quadratic planar infrasonic bass radiators.

The smaller Triton 3+ is 44-inches tall and is said to be well suited to high-quality, stereo or surround systems. It features many of the technologies found in the Triton 1+ and this includes an integral 800-watt GoldenEar digital amplifier and high power subwoofer driver. RRP is $4695

Nordost’s original Flatline loudspeaker cable introduced the audio world to an entirely new level of performance and a unique production technique. Their proprietary, extruded FEP cables, with their thin, flat profile don’t just look different – their deceptive simplicity is a uniquely elegant answer to the conflicting requirements for low resistance, capacitance and inductance that limit the performance of more conventional cable configurations.

Book in for an audition of either of these two fantastic speakers at participating dealers around Australia now.

For more information and the dealer list please visit Kedcorp.

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