Fostex TH610 Headphones Inspire Pride of Ownership

Posted on 9th January, 2017

Fostex TH610 Headphones Inspire Pride of Ownership

So what do the Hi-Fi specialist dealers and the stack ‘em high and sell ‘em low mass-market outlets have in common? Other than headphones, not much.

Both types of outlets report ballistic sales of headphones and have done for the last five years. Sales that include vast numbers of headphone amps and DACs. A development not lost on stalwart audio brand, Fostex, an outfit that’s been building professional quality speaker components since 1949.

This time around, Fostex’s newest venture is the TH610 headphone distinguished by its use of natural materials. That pleases the Greenie in most of us no end.

Fostex TH610

Building on the qualities of Fostex’s best-selling TH-900Mk2 model, the very latest TH610 uses comparable internal technology such as a bio-cellulose driver sourced from organic material.

While Fostex don’t claim this natural compound was gathered on the side of a mountain and blessed in the light of the full moon by a horde of prancing vestal virgins, an organically sourced driver does have sonic benefits. It’s likely to be light, have a quick response and largely be free of the kind of colouration that’s the usual provenance of synthetic drivers.

Moving the 50mm bio-cellulose diaphragm at warp speeds is down to the TH610’s powerful magnet with a 1tesla (1000gauss) magnetic circuit. So, expect a wide and distortion free dynamic range.

Also handy is a detachable two-pin cable connection finished in robust Rhodium. The TH610 earpieces are a work of art and are encased in finely crafted wood-grain housings of black walnut and a matte finish.

Fostex says the TH610 are comfortable for long listening sessions thanks to ear pads made of low repulsion cushion material am finished in quality artificial leather.

So beware of midgets mistaking your spanking new ‘phones for a two-seater pouffe.

Fostex TH610 are available now for $999 RRP.

Fostex is distributed in Australia by Busisoft AV.

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