Fostex Distribution in Australia

Posted on 7th April, 2016

Fostex Distribution in Australia

Following this morning's announcement of the return of Syntec to the Australian audio distribution market, Busisoft have quickly followed up to clarify their appointment as distributor for Fostex, or at least, the headphone range.

Synchronised Technology, or 'Syntec', headed up by Michael Sloss as CEO, announced the distribution rights via his new company for Fostex's range of Recording Equipment and Speaker Componentry. Whereas effective April 1st, 2016, Busisoft will be responsible for distribution of Fostex's headphones, headphone amplifiers and DACs in Australia and New Zealand.

Fostex offers a range of consumer, professional and audiophile grade headphones, among many features; it includes their Regular Phase (RP) Technology. They provide crystal clear sound quality and a wide dynamic range. No matter what your needs may be, Fostex will have you covered from entry-level headphones, to the sophisticated TH-900 high-end Audiophile grade headphones. 

Syntec with their unparalleled experience in the Professional market, opted to focus on Fostex's recording and speaker products, confident that also having Beyerdynamic in their porfolio fills the headphones needs of consumers already.

When asked about the mixed distribution arrangement Michael Sloss told StereoNET:

Synchronised Technology has made a commitment to Beyerdynamic for Professional and Consumer Headphones. We are committed to Beyerdynamic and wanted to avoid any product conflicts in our portfolio.

The Fostex range also includes a line of desktop and portable amplifiers.  These include the entry level HP-A3 with USB-powered DAC/Amp, all the way up to the more refined HP-A8C Desktop DAC/Amp. 

Fostex aims to bring their quality products to audio enthusiasts at an affordable price, and with full local support. Busisoft AV said they are committed to efficient customer service in the Australian and New Zealand markets, and will therefore be stocking a generous amount of all products and parts. 

For more information visit Busisoft AV or Syntec.

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