Flagship Headphone SE-MASTER1 from Pioneer Electronics

Posted on 3rd August, 2016

Flagship Headphone SE-MASTER1 from Pioneer Electronics

Announced by Pioneer Electronics earlier this year, Australian distributor Powermove Distribution has just received Pioneer's SE-MASTER1 new flagship headphones, beautifully crafted and finished with amazing attention to detail.

Leveraging the Japanese company's rich audio heritage, the SE-MASTER1 they say is their most revolutionary headphones to date.

Shelden Walker, Audio Sales & Product Manager for Powermove told StereoNET:

The stunning sound quality of the SE-MASTER1 is the result of the combined efforts of Pioneer’s very best engineers and more than five years of intensive research, developing, measuring and testing.

With materials carefully selected, SE-MASTER1 incorporates duralumin, aluminum and Japanse made leather-type material, ergonomically engineered for supreme comfort. Each unit is handmade by just one certified craftsman in Tohoku Pioneer’s Tendo factory in Japan, and will be engraved with its own serial number. Over 100 individual processes are required to produce a single unit.

Pioneer SE-MASTER1 Australia

The housing is made of highly rigid aluminum alloy and has specially designed low resonance structure, making sure that unwanted vibrations cannot interfere with the music. This is achieved by the use of a floating structure and a full basket system. Rubber is inserted in the links between the base, housing and hanger parts to prevent vibrations and interference. This floating structure is said to improve separation between left and right to deliver an enhanced soundstage.

The SE-MASTER1’s feature the industry’s first detachable lateral pressure rods, which enable the user to choose their preferred headband tension for superb sound isolation and comfortable wear over long periods.

Pioneer says the headphones are capable of reproducing frequencies up to 85kHz, more than double the minimum requirement for “high-res headphones”, and well beyond the human ear's theoretical capabilities.

The SE-MASTER1 features a newly developed 50mm driver units with a 25μm aluminum diaphragm, which is finished with PCC (Parker Ceramic Coating). This coating is a special surface treatment that Pioneer says “pushes the performance of the aluminum diaphragms to a much higher level, which is especially advantageous for high frequencies.” At the time of release, the SE-MASTER1 are the first headphones in the world to get the PCC treatment.

Further refinement is achieved through 'PEEK' (Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone), a compounding material that helps to reduce distortion and achieve a smoother sound quality. The very powerful magnetic forces offer excellent transient characteristics, further adding to the reality of the musical performance.

Shelden Walker continued:

Listeners will not just hear the actual sound, but also the area where the sound is recorded, making it much more real. Because of the very realistic way in which music is being played, these headphones are the ideal monitor for the audiophile listener, but also suitable for recording, mixing and mastering in a professional studio environment.

A balanced XLR cable is also available for the SE-MASTER1, ideal for use with a headphone amplifier. Featuring a NEUTRIK-manufactured XLR connector on the headphone end, both ends of each connector are also gold plated.

Pioneer SE-MASTER1 Headphones will be available soon via selected retail outlets. Local pricing has not yet been confirmed.

Pioneer is distributed in Australia by Powermove Distribution.

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