Posted on 16th January, 2019


Hordes of music lovers and audiophiles are breaking into spontaneous cries of never-ending “hallelujahs” across this Great Southern Land.

The reason for this unrestrained joy is as simple and as memorable as this: Queensland based distributor, Audiofix, is bringing the great, the unsurpassed and illustrious BBC LS35/A speaker back in its original specification as an integral part of its new distribution agreement with the UK’s Falcon Acoustics.

Along with the LS35/A, Audiofix will also handle all of Falcon’s three speaker ranges. A taste of what’s on offer can be had by running a considered eye over the nine audiophile grade speakers comprising the Falcon Ram range.

Prices for these beauties start at $2,799 for a pair of RAM Compact 10s and peak at $7,999 for the Ram Studio 30.

Given Falcon Acoustic’s solid reputation, Audiofix will get plenty of interest in each range it imports. Which is, as it should be, given the pedigree of any company that audio pioneer, Malcolm Jones, has a hand in.

Jones' audio history was assured when in 1961 KEF Electronics LTD hired him as its first employee. His role as Senior Development Officer gave him the go-ahead he needed to complete most of the design work of the now seminal KEF drive units including the B139, B200, B110, T15 and T27.

Jones founded Falcon Acoustics in 1972 but parted company with KEF in 1974, an overlap of two years.  His new company focused on the DIY loudspeaker market. 

This period saw Jones invent the Self Bonded Ferrite Cored inductors, a breakthrough that allowed designers outside the ambit of the established speaker brands to design speakers using drivers from disparate manufacturers.

After a distinguished career, Malcolm Jones retired in 2009. Happily, Falcon retains him as a technical consultant.

With this kind of history, Jones' work with the legendary LS35/A is largely self-explanatory. The man had a huge hand in designing this wonderful speaker’s drivers, the T27 tweeter and B110 woofer.

The Falcon Acoustics LS35/A can be considered the real deal. It has a license from the BBC, and it is hand built in Oxford, England. But it also mimics the original model with its 15-ohm impedance and its use of the famous T27 tweeter and B110 woofer.

Which is a small miracle considering KEF stopped making both decades ago. Falcon says both drivers are handmade in the UK, are identical to the originals and moreover, are unique to Falcon Acoustics.

The matched 15-ohm BBC spec FL6/23 filter networks are also made exclusively by Falcon and use the original transformer style made to BBC specs.

The cabinets are clearly special as well. They are made using specially selected graded Baltic Ply and feature Beech Fillets cabinets. Complying with BBC specs, these cabinets come in a number of finishes.

Lucky owners of these desirable LS35/As get matched pairs and an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Prices start at $3999 depending on finish.

For more information visit Falcon Acoustics.


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