Posted on 24th July, 2018


Music Hall, the unsung hero when it comes to turntables, is now shipping its brand new turntable it calls the MMF1.5 that sells for just $599 with MM cartridge and in-built phono pre-amplifier.

Music Hall is no newcomer to vinyl with decades of design and manufacturing experience under its belt. StereoNET has written about the brand extensively before which you can read here.

Its latest release, the MMF1.5, includes an alloy tonearm, Music Hall Melody MM cartridge, 3-speed belt drive design, and features a built-in phono pre-amplifier (which can be bypassed if preferred) ready for connection straight to your existing stereo.

Music Hall MMF1.5 Turntable

The MMF1.5 can even be plugged straight into the auxiliary input of portable or Bluetooth speakers allowing you to experience all the nostalgia and the theatre of vinyl playback.

The plinth is produced from MDF with a cherry real wood veneer, with specifically developed vibration damping feet.

The low noise belt-drive design with a separately isolated DC synchronous motor features adjustable electronic 33⅓, 45, and 78 rpm speeds, driving a full-size aluminium platter and special vibration damping platter mat.

The 9” S-shaped tonearm features a handy removable headshell which is unusual at this price point and not found on similar priced turntables from Rega or Pro-Ject. The pre-installed, factory set moving magnet cartridge also means you'll be up and running almost right out of the box. Gold plated RCA jacks on the rear of the turntable and an included detachable phono cable complete the connections.

Geoff Matthews, Managing Director for Convoy told StereoNET:

Music Hall’s reputation for building the world’s best-value record players is further enhanced thanks to this new model. We look forward to welcoming a whole new group of vinyl lovers to the Music Hall family with the MMF1.5.

Authorised Music Hall stockists have now received stock of the MMF1.5, and it will sell for $599 RRP. If you're contemplating an entry into vinyl, the Music Hall MMF1.5 will be a dependable deck without breaking the bank.

For more information visit Music Hall.


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