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DEQX, an Australian brand with roots in digital audio dating back to 1979 and the Fairlight CMI, will demonstrate a new addition to the DEQX line-up at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Colorado, next month.

Teaming up with fellow Aussie brand, Legend Acoustics, together they will show what they are referring to as “the ultimate small monitor system”.

The system will feature Legend Isobaric Small Reds (ISR) that build on Dr. Rod Crawford’s isobaric experience learned at Linn in Glasgow with their Sara 9, Isobarik and Keltik loudspeakers.

Crawford has used two Scandinavian bass drivers in an isobaric configuration to achieve a relatively small stand-mount cabinet that is said to produce deep bass that is also very tight, fast, detailed and harmonically rich.

Dr. Rod Crawford told StereoNET:

The other drivers of the ISRs have also been very carefully chosen and modified. Its superb 90mm midrange unit is made by Eton in Germany from high strength Mg alloy coated on each side with very hard ceramic. This results in extraordinarily low distortion through the critical midband region allowing these vital frequencies to come through crystal clear and without the hardness or muddle of many loudspeakers in this region. And we use a tweeter from Scan-Speak made from beryllium, the lightest, strongest metal, to give the same clarity in the treble.

The specifically designed pyramidal shaped cabinet purposely creates non-parallel sides which aims to minimize internal reflections and resonance that “blurs timing”. The triangular front baffle which follows the size of the drivers is said to minimize edge diffraction that “blurs imaging”.

DEQX’s active, time corrected approach to audio has already won them many accolades and the Rocky Mountain show should be no exception.

They will use their HDP-5 preamplifier to provide the processing and crossovers for the active speaker system.

Alan Langford, General Manager at DEQX told StereoNET:

Thanks to the DEQX HDP-5 we can employ steep linear phase digital crossover filters in addition to very precise frequency and group delay correction. The result is a near perfect frequency response (within + and – 0.5 dB from 100 Hz to 10 kHz) giving very accurate tonal balance; and near perfect phase alignment giving superb acoustic imaging and timing. The HDP5 can also correct for ‘standing waves’ in the room.

DEQX Roon Ready

The DEQX Premate+ and HDP-5 were also recently Roon Ready certified which will be demonstrated in Rocky Mountain.

DEQX Amplifier A250x3

Debuting for the first time though will be new amplifiers from DEQX. The A250x3 is a discrete three-channel amplifier produced by DEQX and based on the award-winning Hypex nCore modules that offer very low distortion across the whole frequency range as well as stunning dynamics.

The amplifiers have been purposely designed and built for active applications and even though DEQX refer to them as mono-blocks, a pair will see a total of 6 channels of amplification available.

DEQX A250X3 Amplifier Rear

The DEQX A250x3 will provide the Legend ISRs with 250w for the bass drivers, 250w for the midrange drivers, plus 100w for the tweeters.

Langford added:

The DEQX-active Isobaric Small Reds cover the full range of human hearing in a relatively small cabinet – from deep bass to sparkling highs with very uniform frequency response and with very low distortion - to faithfully retain the tonal character of music and voices. And by minimising driver and cabinet resonances as well as correcting for timing/phase the system has the fast, open natural sound of a live performance.

The DEQX A250x3 Mono 3 Channel Amplifiers will be available later this year and will sell for US$2,795 /pair.

For more information visit DEQX.


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