Posted on 16th April, 2018


Leafy Slovenia isn’t normally a place you’d associate with audiophile headphones.

But that’s where Erzetich Audio has its home base manufacturing limited quantities of headphones and amplifiers.

Audiophiles who want to go off the well-beaten audio track will like this brand’s approach to audio.

Ask Erzetich about its method, and you’ll be told its process is more like making fine musical instruments rather than electronics.

Two models that have this hand-built fine musical instrument treatment are new headphones called the Phobos and the Mania.

And maniacal is the way Erzetich describes the take up of its products by industry reviewers, professional musicians and audiophiles.

Both new ‘phones feature wood ear cups and have a refreshing style. The Phobos, for example, has a bold octagonal shape and is said to sound divine with classical and jazz music thanks to its planar magnetic drivers.

The Mania said to be ideal for all genres of music because of the unique geometry used to build the ear cups.

To launch the latest headphones, Erzetich has chosen Dutch singer Anneke Van Giersbergen as its first brand ambassador. She’ll assist with the launch. Blaz Erzetic, CEO of the company, prizes the hand-built quality of the new models. He said:

Our company started with the boutique manufacturing of high-quality headphone amplifiers. To expand our offer of personal audio we decided to move into the headphone space, ensuring we offer a complete headphone based setup.

We’re immensely proud of the final results of both the Mania and the Phobos and they capture what Erzetich Audio is all about-premium sound quality without compromising on style.

As there is currently no Australian distributor for Erzetich Audio, the new headphones can be ordered now directly from the company’s website. The Phobos is $1,699 EUR, and the Mania is $1,019 EUR.

For more information visit Erzetich Audio.


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