Entertaining New Dali Rubicon Speakers

Posted on 18th August, 2016

Entertaining New Dali Rubicon Speakers

Dali describes its latest RUBICON Speaker series as models having breathtaking agility and an expressive midrange quality that makes for a seriously entertaining range of models.

The new RUBICONs comprise the $3395 RUBICON 2 stand mount, RUBICON 5 ($5495), 6 ($6995) and 8 ($9495) floor standers and the $1795 RUBICON LCR wall mounted speaker. Rounding out the range is the $2495 SUB K-14F self-powered subwoofer.

Nicely finished the RUBICON series comes in a choice of black, rosso and walnut finishes.

A big part of the RUBICON’s design brief was low distortion. Dali says this was achieved via an SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) Magnet System that is said to focus and maximize audio whilst trouncing distortion levels.

All the models are fitted with Dali’s trademark Hybrid Tweeter Module that combines the dome tweeter with the ribbon tweeter to deliver crystalline high frequencies and a substantial soundstage.

Cabinet construction of the RUBICON models is complex and divides the midrange and bass drivers into discrete and separate chambers to allow Dali engineers to individually tune each diver to its designated frequency range and maximize woofer output levels.

All the woofers are built in-house and feature integrated wood fiber cones to make each woofer light, fast and a randomly uneven membrane to diminish the possibility of surface resonance and other forms of coloration.

The RUBICON 5 carries an extra tweeter to increase dispersion at the highest frequencies and yield greater resolution.

The RUBICON 6 is a bass-reflex design and differs from the 5 by using two 6.5-inch woofers that generate greater amounts of bass.

The RUBICON six builds on the models below with a soft dome tweeter mounted below a small ribbon super tweeter and below theses are three 6.5-inch woofers which all start working at different designated frequencies.

The Dali SUB K-14 subwoofer carries a large 14-inch aluminum long stroke woofer and a 500-watts class D amplifier.

The Dalie RUBICON range is available now from selected dealers.

For more information visit www.dali.com.au

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