Elipson Relaunches in Australia

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by Marc Rushton

8th February, 2017

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Elipson Relaunches in Australia

Elipson is a French HiFi and Lifestyle brand with more than 50 years in the speaker industry. Like Bang & Olufsen and other luxury European brands, their products focus on design aesthetics and lifestyle, as much as the sound quality itself.

Having been available in Australia previously via Audio Dynamics, Elipson has announced today that they have appointed Indi Imports to handle their brand exclusively within Australia. Elipson joins Indi's portfolio which includes Unity Audio, Cyrus, System Audio, Sonoro, AMC, Canton and more.

Elipson Music Center and Planet Speakers

Paul Riachi, Managing Director of Indi Imports told StereoNET:

We are very excited to bring you the French Jewel in Elipson. Elipson has an extremely unique and distinctive look which enlightens any home or studio. The acoustics are so crisp and sharp it’ll surprise anyone that listens to them. It is going to be a pleasure selling this through the Australian dealer network at an affordable price. The product range is a good offering if you want to compare it to BOSE. Thus offering a true loudspeaker technology not just a standard sub satellite pack.

Elipson 4260
Elipson 4260

Elipson's current range includes speakers from the Studio Pro bookshelf, through to the flagship 4260 High-End floorstanding. The Planet range includes a wide range of spherical speakers, and there's also the Audio Brige and Music Center products allowing you to stream or playback CDs.

New for 2017 is a turntable range comprising 6 models that have been designed and developed exclusively in France by Elipson engineers.

Due to advanced electronic design, the Elipson turntable can work on any voltage and any frequency in the world. Digital Sinusoidal Signal synthesis for the best ever precision in RPM through state-of-the-art European electronic design. Through DDS, the Elipson turntable is enabled auto speed control with digital slope to avoid belt skating and prevent motor reliability. Motor is sustain to prevent vibration. Elipson developed a specific advanced tonearm. The orbital structure gives perfect precision, inside torsion is adjustable for anti-skating.

Elipson Turntables

Pricing has not yet been announced, however traditionally Indi Imports have a 'price parity' policy, meaning they commit to and only distribute brands they believe they can offer at the same price locally, as what they can be found on the market overseas.

Products will be available via the Specialist Dealer network from March 2017.

For more information visit the Elipson brand page.

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