DigiBit wamp - Wireless Streamer and Amplifier

Posted on 26th May, 2015

DigiBit wamp - Wireless Streamer and Amplifier

In only a few short years DigiBit, based in Madrid, are garnering a loyal customer base for their 'next-gen' tech, and the 'wamp', a wireless streamer and power amplifier solution is no exception.

'wamp' is a high quality computer audio device, and according to DigiBit, the first to market to combine wireless power amplifiers and wireless media streamer technologies to seamlessly convert passive loudspeakers into active and wireless using an elegant and nonintrusive solution.

Conceived and developed to satisfy the demand from users with reduced space or lifestyle design preferences, your existing hifi system becomes visible as a pair of loudspeakers and your source, whether it be it PC, Mac, Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone™, iPod™ or iPad™. Any of these sources, or internet music services, can be used as a wireless music player and as music storage. wamp will also stream music from a NAS or other networked devices via

The wamp solution consists of a pair of 100w Class-D latest technology mono block power amplifiers with volume control. Each is styled as an elegant plinth, designed to act as a support for floor standing loudspeakers, essentially converting any loudspeaker in to an active wireless hifi system.

Using Airplay™ users can stream music up to 24bits-48KHz and up to 24bits-192KHz via Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and Bluetooth 4.0 support is also provided. wamp also supports wireless and wired LAN up to 24bits-192KHz and DSD as a DLNA renderer.  wamp also comes with a built in high quality 32bit-384HKz and DSD64/128/256 compatible DAC, Bit Perfect and gapless playback and DigiBit's free iPad™ and Android™ apps.

Not brand specific, wamp is said to be an affordable solution to creating an active, wireless and 'connected' audio system.

Also In development now is a 2 x 50w bookshelf wamp model to be released later this year.

DigiBit wamp will be available later this year. Local pricing has not yet been announced.

For more information visit Digibit.

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