Posted on 16th April, 2018


Anyone in the hunt for a high-end server that caters to the needs of music lovers and audiophiles will find it hard to go past the latest Aria Piccolo+ from Digibit.

While the word Piccolo means small in Italian, the new Aria server is nothing of the kind. This is a full-sized audio component.

One that’s also apparently easy to use. As easy as opening the brand’s iaria app on your smart device and pressing “play”.

Digibit, designer and manufacturer of the new Aria Picolo+ is delighted with the model’s sound quality and intuitive user features.

A company spokesperson said:

Great sound and ease of use awaits anyone with a large library of CDs and/or digital files and for whom an easy to use music library management tool is key.

Aria Piccolo is the only music server on the market to support an unlimited number of extended metadata fields to organise your music.

These fields are a unique feature that allows users to sort and file their music collection in many ways including albums from the romantic (Period), for cello (Instrument), played by David Oistrakh (Soloist).

The iaria app has 18 predefined fields to select from, which automatically match the tagging structure of Digibit’s unique classical music database called, SonataDB.

Custom fields can also be added to suit all other music genres, and all fields can be manually tagged in the iaria app.

The Piccolo+ has exemplary built quality inside and out. The slim fanless case is made from 6mm thick precision machined aluminium. All hardware components meet the industry’s highest quality standard and computing electronics used are all industrial grade. All audio components are hi-end grade quality.

The Piccolo+ comes with 3TB of hard drive storage. 1TB and 2TB Solid State hard drives are also available as options.

Another option is a fully automatic CD ripper (insert and rip) for digitising your existing CD collection.

The Piccolo+ supports up to 32bit/384KHz music files and DSD256. It offers multi-channel support and has analogue outputs along with unbalanced (RCA) and balanced (XLR).

The Piccolo+ can stream to Airplay compatible devices and supports WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), AIFF, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and DSD.

The Aria Piccolo+ is available now and sells in Australia for $3800 (3TB HDD).

For more information visit Digibit.

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