Posted on 1st February, 2018


Digital maestro brand Devialet has hammered out a partnership with London’s Royal Albert Hall that will see multiple arrays of its Phantom wireless speakers installed at the Hall’s door 6 entrance.

More Phantoms will also be front and centre in a space earmarked for latecomers to some of the Hall’s shows who have to usually wait for several minutes before they’re allowed into the auditorium.

Mehdi Aoustin-Sellami, head of programming and corporate partnerships at the hall said that the Phantom’s sound would come in handy during daytime functions and will also please visitors to the hall’s cafes and those touring the venue.

Craig Hassall, chief executive of the Royal Albert Hall, added:

The first time I heard the revolutionary Phantom I realised that we shared a commitment to excellence and to allowing people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the emotion of live musical performance.

Devialet is particularly pleased that the Phantom’s streaming features will be used to broadcast Royal Albert Hall shows in real time outside the hall, to entertain crowds outside the auditorium.

Devialet’s partnership with Royal Albert comes on the heels of agreements with several other major corporations including Renault and Sky.

The agreements are important planks in Devialet’s marketing quest to make the brand a global household name.

Its partnership with the hall which includes ramping up the quality of live-streamed concerts will run for three years.

In 2017 Devialet designed a car audio system for Renault and a soundbox for the Sky broadcasting network.

While a French company, Devialet has been investing in the U.K market after recently opening a branded retail store in London's Royal Exchange shopping centre.

For more information visit Devialet.

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