Critical Mass Systems Makes Way Downunder

Posted on 31st August, 2015

Critical Mass Systems Makes Way Downunder

Critical Mass Systems (CMS), manufacturers of custom built equipment supports and high-end racks is now available through Australian distributor Absolute Hi End.

Critical Mass Systems craft high-performance vibration mitigation racks and shelving systems for your high-end audio products. Unlike many other sound isolation racks, CMS’ racks are not isolation systems, as they do not prevent the transmission of vibration. Instead their filter system manages the flow of vibration into and out of the component as well as the rack architecture supporting it.

At the core of the architecture of a Critical Mass System rack are their award-winning proprietary internal vibration filtering materials, along with a unique rack architecture which operates together to mitigate vibration in the floor, the rack, the shelf and the component at the same time. 

This ensures even energy transfer throughout the rack architecture and filter system so your component can retain the sound that was intended, giving you the most supreme performance from your sound system by revealing the finer details of your favourite music. 

With the majority of CMS’ racks being sold as a custom-build, the Sotto Voce ($7,090 RRP for 3 levels) comes complete and will be available in Australia at the end of September. All other CMS systems can be purchased per level as a custom build.

Critical Mass Systems’ ultimate system, the MAXXUM is available in a standard width of 28 inches, with depth of 24 inches. It is designed to provide the optimum listening experience. Constructed from proprietary internal vibration materials, the MAXXUM contains a unique Dual Zone Damping System, which helps the filters to manage vibration so that the signal processed by digital and analog devices alike sounds as life-like from the loudspeakers as possible. 

Originally developed from the ground-up for turntables (usually the most vibration-sensitive component of an audio system) the MAXXUM boasts precision design, with engineering so precise that it compliments every other component in your audio system, as you would expect from CMS’ best vibration management system. The MAXXUM is custom made to your specification and comes with a custom paint job to US automotive color specs.

The first level comes standard with the filter, frame, column caps, feet, spikes, spike cups, connectors, ball bearings and ball bearing cups to build an amp stand and the lowest level of a vertical rack. Then, each additional level comes as standard with the filter, frame, custom length legs, connectors, ball bearings and ball bearing cups.

Critical Mass Systems is distributed in Australia by Absolute Hi End.

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