Convoy go back to roots, with Cary Audio

Posted on 30th September, 2016

Convoy go back to roots, with Cary Audio

Established distributor Convoy International who represent Bowers & Wilkins, Bluesound, Music Hall, JBL, PSB and NAD in Australia, are enjoying renewed success after the major shift in direction announced earlier this year.

Convoy CEO, Geoff Matthews, exited the mass-market distribution of brands in favour of specialist products and in particular, the growing demand for high-resolution audio products.

An audiophile at heart, Geoff’s passion for high fidelity sound as well as the industry was clearly evident during his presentation at the recent national dealer conference, held in Sydney at their headquarters this week. Business decisions may have led Matthews and the Convoy company in the direction they took over the last decade, quite successfully, selling more than 1 million pairs of headphones into the Australian marketplace. But it’s his heart that drove the most recent decision.

With a brand portfolio that now supports specialist retail outlets and the right products for today’s customers, Convoy have now been appointed the distribution rights to Cary Audio. This was a decision made easy for Matthews, having used the brand personally for over 10 years.

Cary Audio Launch in Australia

Cary Audio was handled previously in Australia by Victorian based ‘Audiophile’ in Fitzroy, who Matthews has had a close relationship with for some time.

Matthews told StereoNET:

Nikola and Audiophile have represented Cary Audio very well for many years, and as they pursue other life interests I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to build upon their hard work with Cary Audio in Australia.

The brand is entirely designed, manufactured and assembled in USA and brings a quality of workmanship, sonic performance and emotion to music reproduction that is hard to match. As a brand I know and use myself, I had no hesitation in agreeing to see Cary Audio continue to be well represented in Australia.

On behalf of Convoy I wish Nikola the very best for the future.

While the Cary Audio product range is extensive, covering traditional HiFi for both solid-state and valve products, it have evolved over its 25+ years and now also caters for Home Theatre and Head-Fi. Initially, Convoy will make a select range available locally, focusing particularly on valve amplifiers. All products in the range will be available to order however.

Cary Audio Valve Amplifier

StereoNET was invited to a Convoy dealer launch event this week and got to check out first-hand samples of the Cary Audio range. Some stock is available now with more of the range available soon.

Convoy also said that dealer enquiries are welcome.

For more information visit Convoy and Cary Audio.

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