Posted on 1st February, 2019


Clearaudio has announced its new quiet performer, the Smart Matrix Silent record cleaning machine which promises to clean your records without the noise traditionally associated with vacuum record cleaners.

Clearaudio's ‘Matrix' record cleaners have long been renowned for their gentle yet highly effective vacuum cleaning capabilities. Now, the new Smart Matrix Silent can be seen and not heard.

The successor to the brand's earlier Smart Matrix Professional model promises to be even more user-friendly.

Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent Record Cleaner

We all know that a scrupulously clean vinyl record has so much more to offer: more information, more detail and, let's face it, superior sound quality.

The new Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent record cleaning machine is constructed using the highest quality components. The record cleaner is effortlessly simple to operate and maintain. So, there's no excuse for not keeping your vinyl in tip-top condition.

Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent Record Cleaning Machine

The Smart Matrix Silent's multifunctional cleaning, vacuum and antistatic arm goes above and beyond the norm. For instance, while most record cleaning machines require multiple arms for different record sizes, the Smart Matrix Silent features a single arm with a built-in sliding record size selector enabling comfortable accommodation for 12-inch, 10-inch and 7-inch disks, both vinyl and shellac.

The build quality of the 10.9kg unit is, as you would expect from Clearaudio, excellent. The arm, chassis and accompanying SMS Seal record clamp are all machined from solid aluminium.

Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent Record Cleaner

And, as the name suggests, ‘the silent one' is engineered to reduce noise to a minimum - which is all the more remarkable considering its 500-watt vacuum motor. In combination with its elegant chassis, this makes the Smart Matrix Silent perfect for placing alongside any hi-fi system rather than being hidden away in a utility room. An optional dust cover is available.

Price and availability

The Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent is expected to land in Australia in May 2019 and will sell for $2,495 RRP in silver or black finish.

You can pre-order yours now via Clearaudio dealers.

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