Posted on 25th April, 2018


File this under the headings “zany”, “wacky”, or just plain mad. But whatever you may want to call it, pimping your ride will never be the same.

The brains behind the car primed to blast out Toto’s 'Africa' every time, and we mean every time the driver’s door opens, is a dude called Chris Ng.

This lad loved Toto’s tune so much he set to work beavering away on his plain vanilla Volvo 240 automobile.

His novel idea was to banish those irksome door chimes we all endure each time our modern car’s doors open (and the keys are in the ignition) and replace the sound with the beat and syncopation of Africa.

Before you invoke the novelist Joseph Conrad and his seminal work “Heart Of Darkness’’, allow us to leap to our lad’s defence and point out his higher purpose.

Chris is no dummy or wannabee homeboy you need to realise.

He’s a normal, quite sane bloke with a novel idea: use the Toto playing Volvo as a hook to his Kickstarter campaign.

After thanking all and sundry for their financial pledges, Chris said:

I’ll be starting to source hardware and maybe a new soldering iron I guess. I’ll do my best to try and come up with a simple universal solution to these door chimes so they can be used in other cars aside from Volvo.

All we can say is “Go Chris”.

The lad’s idea has novel appeal. We’d love to be able to order a car playing our favourite track or melody each time we opened its door with the keys still in the ignition.

If we had the readies to land a new ride and had our choice of a track, it would have to be Van Morrison’s “Ballerina’’.

Yours may be the tune from the Sugar Plumb Fairy suite.

The point is, what a great selling feature. One that could also be used in lifts and foyers of buildings that delight in playing back brain-deadening muzak and usually from crappy speakers.

But car door chimes are the worst sensory offenders of all time. While Toto’s Africa would be the last tune we’d want to hear each time we reached for our vehicle’s door handles, the idea of banishing those pesky door chimes from our cars has legs.

Tote up the amount of time you use your car in a week, month or year, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

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