Cambridge Speakers Lift Off

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by Peter Familari

3rd March, 2014

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Cambridge Speakers Lift Off

UK AV specialist brand Cambridge which has a long history of building a svelte range of value-for money audiophile grade components has turned its headlights onto speakers. But not just any speakers.

Its new Aero series of hi-fi / surround speakers feature Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers as tweeters. Rounding off the new design are conventional cone drivers.

According to Synergy’s man of the moment, Philip Sawyer, BMR drivers simply sound better.

"It’s par for the course in speakers for the tweeter to crossover a driver at 3kHz. BMR allows this to occur at 250Hz, which is outside the zone where our ears hone in on distortion. What we’ll hear instead is a purer, smoother, more detailed organic sound," he said.

The Aero 2 bookshelf / stand-mount is the smallest model in Aero’s range. It uses a 57mm BMR driver and a 152mm bass/midrange driver tailored to match a 250Hz crossover point. It has a cabinet tuned for its bass-reflex design and will sell for $699 in a choice of Black or Walnut finish.

The Aero 6, the largest model is a floor standing, bass-reflex costing $1,699 and which employs a 57mm BMR driver with a pair of 152mm bass/midrange drivers. It is said to have a frequency range of 30Hz to 22kHz.

There’s also the Aero 3 Surround ($799/pair), Aero 5 Centre ($499) and Aero 9 Subwoofer ($999).

For further information, please contact Synergy Audio Visual.

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