Posted on 15th March, 2019


The Alva TT turntable freshly minted by boutique UK audio brand, Cambridge Audio has landed in Australia with the promise of unshackling your vinyl spinner from its traditional perch on top of a hi-fi rack.

Physically the Alva TT will still occupy that revered position on a turntable rack, but this nifty turntable will also stream the sound of the vinyl it's playing to any Bluetooth enabled receiver with a high resolution 24bit/48kHz wireless stream courtesy of its built-in aptX HD electronics.

Philip Sawyer, Synergy Audio CEO, which distributes Cambridge Audio in Australia sees a bright future for the Alva TT.

He said:

No other record player in this market can come within cooee of this level of convenience. With the Alva TT, Cambridge Audio has successfully leveraged its audio heritage, while addressing the needs of the modern-day audiophile.

That’s why the Alva TT provides an entirely new level of wireless audio performance, that effortlessly satisfies the desires of today’s wireless lifestyle.

Along with its aptX HD streaming, the new Alva TT carries an onboard integrated phono stage with 42dB of gain derived from Cambridge Audio’s award-winning pre-amps, the Alva Solo and Alva Duo.

Alva TT buyers also get a preinstalled high output moving coil cartridge housed in a naked body to eliminate stored resonances.

Most surprisingly the Alva does not use a belt drive to spin its platter. Cambridge Audio has decided to go against the flow and has opted to use a direct drive motor to deliver ultra-low wow and flutter spec of just 0.6 per cent.

The Alva’s platter is a dense one made from heavy Polyoxymethylene (POM), a material known for its high stiffness and superb dimensional stability.

Completing this comprehensive package is a UK-made, one-piece tonearm that has no joints and low levels of lateral and horizontal friction.

The Alva TT is now in stock with an RRP of $2799.

For more information visit Cambridge Audio.


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