Bricasti Has Loads of Audio Prestige

Posted on 24th June, 2016

Bricasti Has Loads of Audio Prestige

If the name Bricasti doesn’t clang your internal bell, we’re betting the brands Lexicon and Mark Levinson will clearly resonate with most audiophiles.

Lexicon is an iconic Pro Audio brand. And Mark Levinson? Just about one of the most iconic domestic US audio brands up there with Mcintosh and Audio Research.

Bricasti, a Massachusetts brand may be a minnow compared to the American corporate giants that straddle the global audio industry. Point is, Bricasti’s founders worked for Levinson and Lexicon.

The Bricasti range may be small but thanks to its deeply talented designers it's sect and small for a reason.

Studio Connections Australia, Bricasti’s Australian distributors will be showcasing the range at the 2016 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show using the event as the vehicle to release three new models, the M12 Source Controller, M1 SE Dual Mono DAC and the M28 Mono power amps.

The M12 is a pedigree preamp with a fully buffered active line stage equipped with a totally analog 256-step sequential attenuator at the output stage.

The input stage carries a DAC and analog connections. And yes there’s a quad-rate full-analog DSD stage that bypasses the M12’s DAC so there’s no conversion to PCM or multi-bit, just authentic, uncorrupted DSD conversion sans up sampling or Sigma Delta correction.

As Stereophile noted in a positive review of the M28 mono power amplifiers, and given the company founders work experience, the mono amps have the luxury look and prestige finish of Mark Levinson gear.

For techno-heads, the 28s are fully balanced and a dual-differential design from input to output stages. They have two separate signal circuits, one inverts, the other doesn’t. The power supplies are massive and so is the generated power that is said to be 200 watts per amp into an 8-ohm load or 400 watts into 4 ohms.

Bricasti may well be one of audio’s best kept secrets but given we’ve yet to read nothing but enthusiastic reviews for all of the company’s models, showgoers would be unwise to miss this must-see/hear audition opportunity.

Hear Bricasti Design in Room M8.

Tickets available now.

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