Bowers & Wilkins Release New 800 Series Diamond

by Caleb Yorke

19th October, 2015

802 D3 $33,900 RRP

Reveal your music. If you’re looking for stunning realism without the studio-sized footprint, the 802 D3 is the answer. The Diamond tweeter, Turbine head and Continuum cone deliver pristine sound, while the 802 D3’s proportions make it a comfortable fit for larger domestic spaces as well as recording environments. At home or in the studio, it will reveal depth and detail in music that you never knew existed.

803 D3 $27,900 RRP

True sound has come home. The 803 D3 is the first of its kind: a full-range, studio-quality speaker built for the home, and the most compact headed unit Bowers & Wilkins have ever produced. While this elegant speaker comes in a living room friendly size, it shares the same revolutionary technologies and design features as its larger sibling, including the Turbine head and reverse-wrap cabinet. 

804 D3 $14,500 RRP

A wolf in sheep’s clothing. It might have a more traditional appearance than other speakers in the range, but don’t let that fool you. The 804 D3 delivers incredible acoustic transparency, thanks to unique 800 Series Diamond features such as the Continuum cone and augmented Matrix bracing system. So while its looks may be classical, its performance is cutting edge.

805 D3 $9,000 RRP

Small sounds beautiful. The smallest speaker in the 800 Series Diamond range is also one of the most ground-breaking. Packed with cutting-edge technologies never seen before in a speaker of its class, it’s the only stand-mounted speaker in the world to feature a Diamond dome tweeter. With the brand promising lifelike spaciousness and detail that no other small speaker can come close to.

Bowers & Wilkins is distributed in Australia by Convoy International.

Written by:

Caleb Yorke

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