Posted on 29th August, 2018


Bose, the audio heavyweights, are back with a new wireless smart speaker and two new smart soundbars which it says are ideal for music and home theatre.

Engineered from the ground up, the Bose Home Speaker 500 has been designed for music, the Bose's Soundbar 700, and the Bose Soundbar 500 are just at home for music and home theatre.

According to Bose:

Each crushes the limitations of spaciousness from a single enclosure, combining size-defying performance with superior voice pickup and the power of Amazon Alexa now, other voice assistants to follow, and AirPlay 2 for simple streaming from Apple devices added in early 2019.

Bose has tapped into its experience in professional headsets to implement proprietary microphone technical to hear spoken voice commands over louder listening levels. If you're familiar with Amazon Alexa products, you'll know what we're talking about.

The new products that will be available in October this year all feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Alexa, and can work alone or grouped for a multi-room system.

Doug Cunningham, category manager in the Bose Consumer Electronics Division, told StereoNET:

Voice-controlled speakers aren't new, and there are plenty of great options to choose from. But we had a different vision for ours, inspired by what we could uniquely do to make the experience better.

Bose also claims there's no need for two speakers to deliver true stereo separation. Just one Home Speaker 500 is all you need, apparently.

The Home Speaker 500 is wrapped in anodised aluminium and measures 8” H x 6” W x 4” D. It uses two custom drivers mounted in opposing directions and benefits from sound reflecting off the walls. You can control it from your smartphone or via the touch controls on top for basic functionality.

Bose also claims that “the Home Speaker 500 has the widest soundstage of any smart speaker available today.” It will sell in the US for $399.95 MSRP.

Just as boldly, Bose says that it engineered the Soundbar 700 which measures 2” H x 4” D and 38” long, to “outperform every other product in its category”.

In addition to the metal grille and tempered glass top, it also features proprietary technology. Bose's PhaseGuides send multiple channels of a soundtrack throughout a space, placing discrete sound in places where there are no speakers.

The Soundbar 700 comes with a universal remote control and will sell in the US for $799.95 MSRP.

The Soundbar 500 is smaller, thinner and at 1.75” H x 4” D and 31” L, it's designed to fit under your television screen neatly. It will sell for $549.95 MSRP.

Both new soundbars use proprietary ADAPTiQ a technology which was pioneered by Bose and refined over several years and is said to allow the products to adjust to their surroundings acoustically. They also both feature HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) for compatibility with future technology.  They also can be wall-mounted or expanded with a wireless bass module and rear speakers for a full 5.1 surround sound experience.

Australian pricing has not yet been confirmed.

For more information visit Bose.


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