Posted on 25th May, 2017


StereoNET doffs it collective cap for Bang & Olufsen and what has to be the marketing masterstroke of the year!

We’re not sure what’s in the water at B&O’s corporate headquarters in Denmark, but it must have been a heady brew the night some of the company’s PR wags dreamed up the brand’s intoxicating new product and a world first.

It’s a new beer infused with music.

No, we haven’t had one tipple too many. But the gist of the new marketing campaign sees legacy audio brand B&O saddle up with Danish microbrewery Mikkeller to produce a new beer called, Beobrew IPA.

The new beverage is brewed like any other garden variety beer but with this one major and admittedly, novel difference: while the beer ferments for oh, about three weeks, a B&O Play’s Beoplay A1 wireless Bluetooth speaker is suspended into the brew unleashing some unique vibrations via the carefully chosen music it's reproducing.

These rather good vibrations are said to “yield a beer with a fuller flavour”. The musical vibrations emitted by the A1 speaker are described as a ‘’fifth ingredient’’ by B&O.

According to head brewer, Kyle Wolak:

As the music plays, it pumps out a unique pattern of vibrations that assists the yeast during fermentation and encourages it to produce more flavourful esters that it would without the presence of music.

So there you have it.

This weird and wonderful brew ends up as an American Style light beer said to have a bright and aromatic taste with citrus fruit and floral notes.

B&O Beobrew

The music employed ion this esoteric process is as new as the beer and recorded by emerging musicians, though details about whom they might be are scant to date.

The whole affair has received some wondrously whacky publicity, which was surely B&O’s intention all along.

What Hi-Fi cheekily said:

While the What HiFi team is more accustomed to drinking beer than brewing it, this nevertheless seems like an interesting claim. And we’re more than happy to try it out.

For its part B&O are playing with a straight bat and simply saying that the exercise is “… an effort to further connect with its audience of urban creative music lovers…”

Those keen to try a sample of the new Beobrew can do so at Mikkeller bars in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain or the US. The rest of us will have to get our tipple by ordering from Mikkeller’s website.

We still have our doubts on this one, but we'll be the first to buy if and when it goes on sale.

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