Posted on 5th May, 2017


The sky really is the limit for Oppo

The quintessential value-for money brand delivering audio-video models with scintillating performance and up-to-the minute features, Oppo can do no wrong.

Hardly a one-shot wonder, Oppo has a solid track record in a number of genres including headphones and of course, Blu-Ray disc players that are universal models built to handle just about every disc format.

As if to hammer home the latter category, Oppo has now unveiled its beautifully credentialed UDP-205 Blu-ray disc player. What’s more this new model is formatted to process 4K Ultra HD data.


Take it as given that the UDP-205 is an audiophile grade model released to best the brand’s well regarded UDP-203 player.

The 205, like the 203 plays back 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, standard Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD-video, DVD-Audio, SACD, Audio CD and a bundle of other formats.

Equipped for High Dynamic Range (HDR10) duty, the 205’s firmware can be upgraded to Dolby Vision.

Connections abound and a roll call ticks off HDMI-2.0 for UHD and HDMI 1.4 for audio.

OPPO UDP-205 Rear

Streaming, which is all the rage these days as well as being a continuous cash cow for manufacturers, distributors and retailers hasn’t been ignored.

Oppo has given the 205 an HDMI 2.0 input for external streaming devices or quaint set-top boxes. Really?

And as is par for the audio-video course these days, you can expect to find the 205 has a coaxial input and an optical digital audio input.

Audio performance is where the 205 stomps on the 203 and Oppo says sound wise, the new model is a significant upgrade over the sonics of the 203.

Via its analogue outputs, Oppo says the 205 delivers reference level sound quality. Having bought this model recently, and while it hasn’t burnt in what I can says is the 205 has stellar sound for a universal player.

Other upgrades include an improved clock precision of the HDMI output and a headphone stage with increased power and a sublime sound.

A 7.1 channel model, the 205 doesn’t ignored stereo buffs thanks to its dedicated stereo output.

The 205’s asynchronous USB DAC input will crunch data all the way up to 768 kHz and DSD 512. 

As for digital signals from cable and satellite boxes, TVs, video games consoles and a plethora of other digital transports, the answer is “Yes”, the 205 will happily convert all these signals.

Priced at $2199 RRP, the well-endowed Oppo UDP-205 is now in stock at your closest retailer.

For more information visit the Oppo brand page.

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