Posted on 5th December, 2018


German headphone manufacturer Beyerdynamic has a new pair of wired in-ear headphones for the Australian market in the form of the Soul Byrd. 

First unveiled at IFA 2018 in September this year, the Soul Byrd earphones have now landed and are ideal for consumers who have a 3.5mm headphone port on their smartphone or portable music player.

The Soul Byrd employ a closed-back design to prevent any sound leakage, while the cable is flexible and durable which both help to keep noise to an absolute minimum. Which is handy, as you’ll want to keep them in and enjoy the sound, which Beyerdynamic says is balanced while also boasting “outstanding” resolution. 

They’ve been meticulously designed to be comfortable to wear in any situation, even those late nights in bed when you’re laying on your side. To this end, Beyerdynamic has designed the earpieces to be incredibly flat so that they sit flush with the auricle and don’t risk damaging your eardrum when you put your head to the pillow. 

Along the 1.2-metre cable, you’ll find a three-button in-line microphone which can be used to control music playback, accept calls or call upon Google Assistant or Siri smart assistants, depending on the phone you have. 

Beyerdynamic supplies the Soul Byrd with a carry case and five pairs of silicone ear tips to help ensure you get a snug fit.

To further banish external noise, the Soul Byrd can be paired with Comply Foam ear tips. 

The Soul Byrd wired in-ear headphones are available now for $119.95 RRP.

For more information visit Beyerdynamic.


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