Posted on 24th January, 2018


Let's face it. Except for a handful of stonkingly good soundbars, the rest are dreary garden-variety models that are best avoided.

But at the top of the soundbar pile sits an extraordinary range of elite models designed and manufactured in Napa, California by install and integration specialist brand, James Loudspeaker.

Yes, you can order one of the three LR-S soundbars, but chances are if you’re shopping at the top end of the market, the recommendation will come via the professional installer working on your high-end audio rig.

The LR-S range of soundbars was initially designed as flagship solutions for commercial integrators looking for quality models for boardrooms, conference spaces, lobbies, retail showrooms and wait for it, nightclubs.

So they’ll obviously put out copious amounts of quality sound.

But more recently, residential integrators have latched on to the LR-S format for bedrooms and other household zones where there are a flat panel TV and a need for good sound, but surround sound isn’t required or wanted.

Unique custom soundbars, the LR-S models have two high output left and right channels equipped with an aluminium quad array tweeter with four ultra-light, 5.25-inch neodymium drivers per channel.

An “S’’ in the model number signals a built-in subwoofer also equipped with four, high power 5.25-inch neo drivers.

The $5000 SPL5QLRS model for example, is a 2.1 channel soundbar with a built-in subwoofer. It’s also designed to be installed onto a large multiplexed display array and its 2.1 format matches the brand’s A2.1 amplifier.

A large but sleek soundbar, this beauty is 95-inches long and 6-inches tall. It’s nicely made using a marine finish and built using aircraft grade aluminium.

The two other new soundbars are the $6000 SPL6QLRS and the $5300 QX5LRS.

All three are available to order now (while high-quality images are apparently not yet).

For more information visit James Loudspeaker.

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