Posted on 11th May, 2018


Just five years old, the UK's Bespoke Audio Company has been busy developing five Special Edition 5th Anniversary pre-amplifiers.

The first of the quintet is on display at this year's High End Show in Munich, Germany. But the brand says all five-feature transformer cowls and feet handmade from burr wood.

Bespoke also found some beautiful burr wych elm for the first of its anniversary preamps. This model is also fitted with Furutech XLR connections, Shinkoh Tantalum resistors in the ground network and comes with a modified BENT Audio remote with wych elm trim.

Bespoke has also designed a new moving coil step-up transformer which is a gain and impedance matching interface between a moving coil cartridge and the moving magnet input of a phono stage.

Bespoke will show prototypes of its planned transformer casework and talk to consumers about possible options and configurations while at Munich.

The Bespoke Audio Company is based in Hastings, on the south coast of England.

Home to an eclectic music scene, Hastings was also the backdrop for John Martyn’s Over The Hill album.

Bespoke will be presenting albums from across Hasting’s wide musical spectrum at Munich.

Pricing and availability have not yet been confirmed.

For more information visit Bespoke Audio Company.


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