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There's no denying who the first brand to bring affordable 4K projection to the market was. With BenQ's launch of the W8000 4K projector in 2016, and then quite a few more models that have since followed, it was last year's release of the W1700 4K DLP Projector that became the disruptor, smashing 4K projector pricing below the $2500 barrier.

Like the lossless FLAC vs uncompressed WAV audio file format wars, the debate continues when it comes to native 4K resolution and pixel-shifting or remapping, with projectors.

But no matter which side of the fence you're on when it comes to value for money BenQ is now the undisputed king. Latest reports indicate BenQ is the number 1 selling 4K projector brand in Australia and New Zealand with 38.8% market share in the first half of 2018. This is backed up by similar figures across the Asia Pacific, Middle East region and Africa with 35.4% market share according to FutureSource.

The W1700 4K projector reviewed exclusively by StereoNET last year has also just received an EISA award for 'Best Buy Projector 2018-2019'.

Martin Moelle, BenQ Australia's Managing Director, told StereoNET:

We are delighted that the BenQ W1700 projector has received recognition from EISA as this positions it to be one of the high-valued home cinema projectors out there.

The EISA judging panel made the following comment about the BenQ W1700 projector:

The W1700 from BenQ brings UHD HDR qualities to big screen projection in the home, at a price which previously only delivered Full HD. BenQ’s optical system leverages a DLP Digital Micromirror Device, in which the pixels of a Full HD array are shifted to four positions per frame, giving a UHD experience with crisp, bright and brilliant images. Colours are impressively accurate straight out of the box, and 3D playback is offered for that extra level of cinematic immersion. The compact cabinet makes the W1700 easy to install, while its onscreen menus are packed with tools and adjustments. As a way to upgrade to UHD projection, the W1700’s combination of quality and value are irresistible.

BenQ's 4K projector lineup includes the CinePro Series which consists of the W11000H ($7,999 RRP) a 4K UHD projector with HDR and 100% Rec.709 Cinematic colour, and the X12000 ($9,999 RRP) with Advanced HLD LED light source and DCI-P3 Cinematic colour.

The CineHome Series includes the W1700 4K HDR projector ($2,499 RRP) which achieves >96% REc.709 Cinematic colour, and the TK800 4K UHD projector ($2,199 RRP) with High Brightness and Dedicated Sports Mode.

Martin Moelle continued:

BenQ will continue to embrace innovative technologies to release an entire lineup to revolutionise and popularise the 4K home projectors as an integral part of everyone’s home cinema viewing experience.

For more information visit BenQ.

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