Posted on 13th March, 2019


During a launch event held this week at Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema and Bar, BenQ announced pricing and availability of its new W2700 and W5700 4K projectors.

The W2700 is the keenly anticipated successor of BenQ’s W1700, which was released last year and heralded a new price point for 4K projection.

The W2700 is equipped with a Texas Instruments 0.47 4K DLP chip (native resolution of 1920x1080) and boasts 2,000 ANSI lumens. Lamp life is quoted at 4,000 hours in Normal Mode, 10,000 hours in Eco Mode and 15,000 hours in smart Eco Mode.

Capable of producing 8.3 million pixels, the W2700 is HDR10 and HLG capable, featuring BenQ’s HDR Pro tone mapping algorithm. In keeping with BenQ’s 'colour accuracy comes first' philosophy, the W2700 is capable of reproducing 100% of the Rec. 709 HD Blu-ray colour gamut and 95% of the P3/DCI gamut used in 4K Blu-ray.

Surprising in a projector at this price point is the inclusion of a dynamic iris. Every W2700 is factory calibrated and bears a certificate of colour accuracy from the factory. 

Another aspect that sets the W2700 apart from its predecessor is vertical lens shift. The W2700 can be table or ceiling mounted and can throw a 100” image at 2.5 metres. Available in white only the W2700 is installation-friendly with its small form factor.

Stepping up from the W2700 is the W5700, with a quoted light output of 1,800 ANSI lumens. Quoted lamp life is 4,000 hours in Normal Mode, 10,000 hours in Eco Mode and 8,000 hours in smart Eco Mode.

The W5700 offers up most of the same features of the W2700 including HDR10, HLG and BenQ’s HDR Pro tone mapping and dynamic iris and an individual certificate of colour accuracy. 

One of the key differences of the W5700 is that it covers both 100% of both Rec. 709 and P3/DCI. It’s able to do this via its wide colour gamut filter which can be turned on or off by the user.

Another feature that sets the W5700 apart are better black levels, which BenQ says are superior to the W2700.

Finished in matt black, the W5700 is more suited to a dedicated home theatre environment and capable of projecting a 100” image at 3 metres. 

Like the W2700, the W5700 also has vertical lens shift and a dynamic iris.

The W2700 will start shipping before the end of March 2019 and will sell for  $2,499 RRP. The W5700 will sell for $3,999 RRP and is expected to ship by mid-April. 

StereoNET will be reviewing both of these projectors shortly.

For more information visit BenQ.


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