Baby Animals Choose Sennheiser

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by Marc Rushton

20th November, 2013

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Baby Animals Choose Sennheiser

Home-grown rockers, Baby Animals are no stranger to Aussie music lovers. From their debut self-titled album topping the charts back in 1991, Baby Animals enjoyed great success. Now with their first single release in over 20 years, "Email", a newly formed partnership with Sennheiser will see Baby Animals touring with a wide range of products.

Some of the products selected from the Sennheiser range include the state of the art EW 300 IEM in-ear monitoring systems, e945 vocal microphones and a range of e901, e904, e906 and e914 microphones to round the system off. The band will be filming the final show of their tour at The Metro in Sydney, to compile footage for their first-ever live DVD, which is set to be released later this year.

"In-ear monitors have saved my voice and they have allowed me to just, you know, keep performing. There was a time when I wasn’t using them when we were touring a lot and I just blew my throat out and got nodes. Primarily because I couldn’t hear myself, so I would be singing above a loud rock band. I really believe that if I didn’t have these I couldn’t keep performing all the time. Anything that makes the whole experience easier and stops you stressing out on stage is a big deal." said Suze DeMarchi, Baby Animals Vocalist.

Mark Nicholls, Front of House Engineer, said - “I’ve always gravitated towards Sennheiser, I’ve been using the gear for about 20 years now. Of course the main thing is that Suze is happy with herself; by way of what she is listening to on stage. So as soon as she is happy with what she is hearing on stage, it makes my job a lot easier”.

A great endorsement for Sennheiser indeed.

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