Posted on 20th June, 2018


The UK’s Exposure Electronics came into the world market with a beautiful sounding pre and power amp back in the seventies.

Reviewers with Practical Hi-Fi, Hi-Fi Answers, Hi-Fi News, Record Review and Hi-Fi Choice loved the combo. And seeing them crop up and quickly sell second-hand says something about these models’ class and longevity.

Exposure followed up with a steady stream of musical sounding components and still does.

Distribution of the brand in Australia has been a bit patchy, but not any more.

The brand has been snapped up by Audiofix, an outfit notable for a couple of reasons: it has the coolest company name of any distributor and secondly, it markets Spendor, one of the world’s most loved speaker brands, and Straightwire cables. Audiofix is based in Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

The three brands are a match made in audio heaven. A fact retailers should bear in mind given Audiofix is seeking a quality retailer in each Aussie capital city.

Audiofix says the reason for Exposure's great sound quality is simplicity.

Audiofix owner Andrew Hutchison told StereoNET:

Exposure designs and builds its components on the South coast of England in Lancing and has done since 1974. Unlike many rivals, Exposure keeps their designs very purist and deceptively simple.

Look internally and you’ll see premium grade parts in every part of their circuits. Which explains why Exposure models have a long life, are reliable and dead easy to maintain. A five year parts and labour warranty is par for the course for all models sold here.

Audiofix has distributed Spendor and Straightwire for the past 15 years. A track record suggesting Exposure will remain in Australia for a long, long time.

Consumers will also be pleased to note that Exposure’s models are wallet friendly. Two key models, the 2010S2D and 3010S2D integrated amplifiers will sell for $1999 and $3499 respectively.

Other products in the range include a svelte phono stage, a DAC and pre and power amps.

For more information visit Exposure Electronics.


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