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by Peter Familari

31st August, 2017


Headphone maestro brand Audio-Technica has taken the covers of its new flagship model, the ATH-ADX5000.

Said to merge the very best of Japanese craftsmanship with leading edge technical innovations, the ADX5000 earns the mantle of flagship of the brand’s respected AD (Air Dynamic) series.

The new ‘phones are crammed full of new technology. They feature newly conceived core mount technology, bigger 58mm integrated drive units and tungsten coated diaphragms all housed in an eye-arresting honeycomb punched styling.

Each ADX5000 is meticulously made in Tokyo, Japan, the temple of global hi-tech and each unit is individually assigned by a laser-etched serial number.

The new core mount technology is used to optimise the drivers’ position in their housing. This is said to enhance airflow efficiency that in turn improves mid to high frequency transparency and yielding a rich, so as to maintain balanced fidelity to the original signal. High-grade 6N-OFC oxygen free copper is used throughout.

That in tandem with closed sides reduces side ventilation and helps eliminate any air pressure detailed bass.

The ADX5000 drivers are unique. The diaphragm voice coil, baffle and magnet are all housed in the same unit to minimise unwanted vibrations that colour the sound.

The design ensures the normal screw clamps can be removed and this reduces the weight. The baffle is crafted from stiff Polypenylene Sulfide and glass fibre to make the movement of the diaphragm stable and hence a more focused sound.

The huge 58mm drivers are highly rigid and use a Permendur Magnetic Circuit Tungsten coated diaphragm. This yields better response and timing and its light mass avoids internal power dissipation.

The honeycomb punched housing structure looks great but its form follows function. It’s an efficient design and closed sides reduce ventilation and reduces air pressure to maintain balanced fidelity.

High grade 6N-OFC copper is used throughout. Audio Technica has made the ADX5000 a comfortable headphone with earpads and headband fashioned from Alacantra.

The ADX5000 comes in a luxuriant protective carry case. It will be available in early 2018 and while local pricing has not been confirmed it is expected to be around $2999.

Technical Specifications

  • Open Air Dynamic Headphones
  • 58mm drivers
  • 100dB/mW sensitivity
  • 5-5000Hz frequency response
  • 420 ohms impedance
  • 270-gram weight

For more information visit the Audio-technica brand page.


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