Audio Magic Secures Lindemann Audio Distribution

Posted on 1st June, 2015

Audio Magic Secures Lindemann Audio Distribution

Audio Magic, responsible for bringing Harbeth, Hi-Fi Racks Limited, Lavardin and more to Australia, have announced their appointment as exclusive distributor of Lindemann Audio in Australia.

Famous for their “musicbook” series of products, Lindemann audio designs and manufactures USB-DACs, network players and power amps.

The musicbooks are designed and manufactured exclusively in Germany. They represent the essence of 20 years of experience in the development of Hi-Fi components at Lindemann.

Audio Magic's Managing Director, Aleksandar Maksimovic told StereoNET:

Today, many of Lindemann's products such as the AMP4, CD1, the first German-made SACD player D680, and the members of the 800 series enjoy cult status with audiophile listeners.

We're very excited to bring Lindemann Audio back to the Australian marketplace.

The musicbook products employ state-of-the-art technologies and components which pack high-end into a smart enclosure.

Whether you treasure the perfect sound quality of high-definition recordings, play back your music collection through a computer (or even without), want to use headphones, have a turntable that you would like to connect, or just appreciate the perfect sound quality with natural timbres, Lindemann is universal and is the perfect choice. 

Lindemann Audio will be available mid-June via selected Audio Magic retailers.

RRP pricing has been announced as musicbook: 10 – $4,460, musicbook: 25 – $6,220, musicbook: 50 – $2,870, musicbook: 55 – $4,460.

For more information visit Audio Magic.

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