Posted on 11th May, 2018


From Munich’s High End Show today headphone specialists, Audeze, has released its new LCD-4z headphones that are said to offer the performance of the company’s revered LCD4 model while using a smartphone as the source and without the need for a headphone amp.

The new, lighter, easier-to-drive version of the flagship LCD4 planar magnetic headphones is able to partner portable music players and even smartphones thanks to a 15ohm voice coil design.

Furthermore, the new LCD-4z headphones are 25% lighter thanks to a magnesium ring design.

Impressively, Audeze boasts that there is no loss in performance as they still contain all of the acclaimed technology of their full-fat LCD4 siblings.

The LCD-4z is equipped with standard 4-pin mini-XLR jacks and ships with a ¼-inch 4-pin mini-XLR premium LCD headphone cable.

Additionally, the new cans feature a comfortable suspension-type carbon-fibre headband and comes bundled with a travel case.

Available now they are selling for $5,799 RRP.

For more infomation visit Audeze.

Originally published on StereoNET UK as Audeze Announces LCD-4z Headphones

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