Artnovion Acoustic Panels Now Available in Australia

Posted on 5th September, 2016

Artnovion Acoustic Panels Now Available in Australia

Artnovion, the Portugal based designer and manufacturer of acoustic treatment that not only looks the part in a modern interior, but has the results to back it up, is now available in Australia.

Sydney based distributors, Wavetrain, who were recently appointed the exclusive distributors for the range of products in Australia have reported early success with dealers and installers.

Wavetrain's Sales Manager, Paul McLean told StereoNET:

Artnovion creates the sexiest high performance acoustic panels in the world, they are drop dead gorgeous - you can not look away. These panels reflect an individual’s expression. End-users are not the only ones that will love Artnovion, installers will too, with the superior ‘mechanical’ fixings which translates into far less installation issues.

One of Artnovion's advantages is that their panels are mounted using a mechanical fixing system with templates to speed up installation. Most brands require glueing or chemical adhesion, resulting in a permanent fixing that cannot be changed or removed at a later date without damage to walls and ceilings.

Artnovion high end panels have three distinct high end acoustical devices, Absorption, Diffusion and Basstraps, this follows the industries recommended practices for interior acoustic devices, according to CEDIA CEB22 specifications. Panels are crafted individually by hand in Portugal and the striking, unique visual elements add character to compliment any interior decor.

‘Andrea’ boasts contrasting densities of fabric, fiberglass veil and foam; along with the rear air gap where velocity of sound declines. The specifications prove it is a very efficient panel, up to 30% more than the equivalent block of foam. The ‘Eiger’ basstrap sports a tunable design that can target particular frequency issues which some room dimensions interact with, a common problem in domestic living spaces.

Wavetrain Cinema's Managing Director, David Moseley added:

Artnovion are reflective of the Wavetrain engineering ethos and offer a wide selection of specialised and attractive panels not available from another supplier in the industry. Wavetrain defaults to industry standards and these bespoke panels not only look stunning, they perform extremely well; largely due to the Artnovion’s esteemed pedigree in acoustics. Artnovion will enhance the sonic quality of any room.

For the enthusiast without access to an acoustics consultant, Artnovion also offers an intuitive smartphone app that can measure your room and provide guidance on what products to treat your room.

Overlooked all too often in HiFi and Home Cinema is the room itself. We spend hours upon hours pouring over websites, in Hi-Fi stores, carefully hand-picking our system components. In reality, virtually all rooms and systems can benefit from acoustically treating the room itself. Acoustic room treatment benefits can be experienced for often less than the cost of a high quality CD player or amplifier.

Artnovion panels range in price, starting at $100 through to $700 depending on material and finish, while the bass traps start at $350 depending on requirements.

For more information visit Wavetrain. Dealer enquiries are welcome.


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