ARCAM Has Every Room Covered

Posted on 22nd June, 2016

ARCAM Has Every Room Covered

Newly represented in Australia and already becoming widely popular, Arcam’s SR250 two-channel audio-video receiver is one of the most innovative to hit the market.

That’s no idle boast. The SR250 has onboard technology designed to give trained hi-fi specialist dealers the ability to tune this canny receiver to any room’s acoustic environment.

Suddenly apartment dwellers can have the same all-immersive home theater experience as silver-spooners lolling around their stately North Shore or Brighton mansions.

Whatever the abode, be it homely or luxurious, buying an SR250 guarantees a trained dealer arrives at your door with a gift-wrapped SR250 waiting to be unboxed and tuned to your specific room.

Moreover buying an SR250 is pretty much a future proofed buying decision. Your money buys you a ‘’look ahead’’ model carrying seven HDMI 2.0a inputs, HDCP 2.2AK Ultra HD and 3D video compatibility built-in.

Those living in metro areas will love the SR250’s FM/DAB/DAB+ radio feature and what price would you pay to have Internet radio at your fingertips thanks to the SR250’s UPnP universal plug ‘n play mode?

And yes, the SR250 has an Ethernet connection to automatically link flawlessly to other devices anywhere in your home and these include mobiles, tablets, PCs and other networked home appliances. Did I hear someone mention an Internet fridge?

Seriously folks, Arcam has designed a thoroughly modern AV Receiver but hasn’t ignored what audio is all about, and that’s great sound.

Instead of splashing the manufacturing cash thinly over multiple amplifiers like other av receivers, Arcam has opted to throw its entire technical prowess at just two channels powered by efficient, powerful Class G amplifiers. Those of us familiar with Arcam’s many awards won for audio products that raise the bar for sound quality at their price points, are not surprised that an av receiver can sound this good.

In fact StereoNET had a private demonstration at Australian distributor Advance Audio's HQ recently, and came away most impressed at just how good Class G really does sound.

Don’t take us at our word. Go and have a listen at an Arcam stockest for yourself. But don’t blame us if you feel obliged to arrange for the dealer to let you hear an SR250 in-house.

ARCAM is distributed in Australia by Advance Audio.

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