An Instrumental Success

Posted on 27th February, 2014

An Instrumental Success

Absolute HiEnd is proud to unveil the stunning Audia Flight Strumento No. 8 Monoblock amplifiers.

Numero 8 comes hot on the heels of the highly regarded and hugely successful Strumento No.1 Preamplifier and Strumento No. 4 Stereo Amplifier.

In January 2014 No. 8 was featured on the cover of “AudioTechnique” High End Hong Kong Magazine. The reviewer was so smitten with it's performance that he ended up purchasing them as reference amplifiers in his demo room.

The STRUMENTO n° 8 is an unrivalled power amplifier where speed, power, driving capability and control ability are elements close to perfection.

Fully balanced circuitry, hi-spec components, 48 power devices, a power supply built with extra low impedance, computer grade capacitors (217.000µF only on the main power supplies), 12 power supplies, special print boards with an extra high surface copper, copper bars, 3000VA special audio transformers with double shield, ultra fast rectifiers, 500Wrms on 8ohm output power are only few of main elements chosen to give music lovers an emotive listening experience.

The STRUMENTO n° 8 has also has what Audia Flight describes as an inertial system of mechanical decoupling of the transformers to eliminate mechanical vibration to the amplifier.

The STRUMENTO n° 8 is the perfect device for amplifying musical signal with the best precision, energy and speed (bandwidth more than 1,3MHz) and the ability to drive any loudspeaker system.

Technical Data

  • Output power per channel Wrms 8/4/2 ohm 500/1000/2000
  • Input sensitivity 1.41 Vrms
  • Frequency response (1W rms -3dB) 0,3 Hz ÷ 1 MHz
  • Slew-Rate (on 8 ohm) > 200 V/μS
  • THD < 0,05 %
  • S/N Ratio 110 dB
  • Input impedance Unbalanced 7,5 Kohm Balanced 7,5 Kohm
  • Damping factor (on 8 ohm) > 1000
  • Main voltage AC  240 V
  • Power consumption 3300 W MAX
  • Dimensions and weight 450x280x500mm (wxhxd) - 95 Kg

For more information, visit Absolute HiEnd.

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