Posted on 7th May, 2018


Acoustic Signature sure wants to cover all the turntable bases.

This week at Munich's High End Show it will release a whole swag of new analog products starting with four new cartridges priced from $899 to $4000.

There’s also a new phono stage called the Tango Reference to tempt audiophiles, but its price has yet to be released, so watch this space.

It was just three years ago when this brand released its first cartridge.

Encouraged by its inaugural model and bolstered by new manufacturing and resonance control techniques for the CNC machined housing of its cartridges Acoustic Signature designed a new MCX Series of four cartridges.

The new moving coil models are the MCX-1, MCX-2, MCX-3 and MCX-4. The 1 and 2 models have an output of .55mV and will track at 2.1 to 2.5 grams while the 3 outputs at .35mV and the 4 yields .3mV. Tracking range is the same for all four cartridges.

The Tango Reference phono stage is the brand’s flagship phono preamp. It uses a single-ended Class A circuit to amplify the signal.

Internally parts are audiophile grade with each capacitor hand selected and individually measured to provide the utmost RIAA equalisation for any cartridge.

The Tango has user adjustable DIP switches for capacitance and impedance. It will cater for moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

As for the all-important power supply, the Tango Reference uses an internal supercharged linear power supply to generate noise free clean power to the phono board.

All the Tango’s electronics are housed inside a massive steel and aluminium chassis made from a solid block of aluminium and weighing 16kg.

StereoNET will have more information when the High End Show opens officially to press on Thursday.

For more information visit Acoustic Signature.


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