Aavik Acoustics Lands at Entertaining Environments

Posted on 25th January, 2016

Aavik Acoustics Lands at Entertaining Environments

Scandanavia's Aavik Acoustics are creators of state-of-the-art amplifiers which feature cutting edge technology and a design based on traditional principles. Founded in 2014, the relatively young company has been derived from a group of leading professionals within the high-end audio industry, each with over 25 years experience. Featured within this high calibre ensemble is Michael Borensen, chief designer behind aspirational brands Raidho Acoustics and Ansuz Acoustics

Handling the new brand locally, Entertaining Environments has been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor.

Rob Sanders, founder of Entertaining Environments told StereoNET:

We are very excited with our appointment as distributor of this fantastic brand. With our heritage entrenched in high-end audio, plus our existing relationship with Raidho Acoustics and Ansuz Acoustics, it made perfect sense to add a brand such as Aavik Acoustics to our portfolio.

Aavik Acoustics officially released their first product, the U-300 Integrated Amplifier at CES in 2015 retailing locally for $39,995 RRP. Since then, the U-300 has been the recipient of many glowing reviews from the world’s most prominent publications.

According to Sanders, “the U-300 Integrated Amplifier has also formed a cult following with consumers who are mesmerised by the U-300’s artistic industrial design as well as its versatility to power speakers of various sizes and configurations.”

Integrated amplifiers continue to be the popular choice by many enthusiasts, and the U-300 Class D Integrated Amplifier offers an impressive 300W at 8 Ohms, and 600W at 4 Ohms per channel, while also accommodating a myriad of high quality source connection options including: one phono, three analog, and five digital. The phono stage of the U-300 implements a discreet, floating, balanced, ultra-low noise, bipolar input circuit. The floating nature of the phono stage onboard the U-300 allows the use of ultra, low noise transistors to create a dead-quiet input section allowing the listener to fully explore the musical details of their vinyl collection.

Australia - Aavik Acoustics U300

The analog and digital inputs onboard the U-300 utilise a unique, inverted, virtual ground amplifier topology that is said to reduce induced noise, ensuring your music is heard on a transparent background. The DAC onboard the U-300 has been designed to ensure optimal performance for each of the five digital inputs, including two RCA SPDIF, two TOSLINK and one USB.

Sanders continued, “One of the highlights of the U-300’s DAC is its ability to reproduce music without any digital signature, this key feature allows any music to sound analog.”

Following the release of the U-300, Aavik Acoustics has announced two more products, the P-300 Power Amplifier and C-300 Full Featured Pre-Amplifier both of which were officially released at CES this year. Their debut attracted the attention of Julie Mullins of The Absolute Sound who highlighted the system as one of the best sounding at the show.

The U-300 is currently available for demonstration and special introductory pricing at Melbourne's world-class showroom, Entertaining Environments.

For more information visit Entertaining Environments.

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