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Clearaudio's Ovation turntable gets a cameo in a creative short.

Quentin Tarantino has a way with music in all of his films. Let's face it, every one of his film's OSTs stand up as excellent compilation albums on their own. It is no surprise then that a bunch of creatives have chosen a clip from Pulp Fiction to spotlight fashion, as well as have a 'Cheeky' play with the iconic movie.

If you recall, in Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) comes home to her criminally rich husband's mansion after a night out, presses ‘play' on the Teac X-2000R reel-to-reel deck and gets her groove on to Urge Overkill's Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon. Meanwhile, her chaperone, Vincent Vega (John Travolta), is in the bathroom giving himself a pep talk about how to handle the rest of the evening (basically, don't get killed by seducing the boss's wife!).

Clearaudio Ovation

In Mia Returns, this new ‘remake' of the scene, Clearaudio's Ovation turntable takes centre stage, providing that all-important soundtrack – this time on vinyl. Oh, there's also a couple of other changes too. Mia's lavish mansion is now a London flat, and Vincent has been swapped out for a housemate who needs his sleep.

Mia Returns is the work of ‘The Cheek', a fashion and film project conceived by director and model Genevieve Welsh (who plays Mia in the film).

Welsh told StereoNET

In my work, I meet so many brilliant young creatives, but it can be incredibly difficult for them to forge a career in their chosen field. So I had an idea about how to support and showcase a wide range of emerging talent in a unique way, by creating a series of short films using iconic dance scenes from movies as a base.

The movie scenes are re-imagined into tongue-in-cheek fashion films, with each one bringing together contributors such as make-up artists, actors, directors, camera people, musicians, and costume designers. The shorts showcase the work of the whole team as well as giving each member of the team a valuable opportunity for collaborative working and networking.

Clearaudio co-director Veronika Suchy told us:

We were thrilled when Genevieve approached us about sponsoring the project and featuring Clearaudio's Ovation turntable in her latest film. We strongly believe in supporting and nurturing young talent, including through our own apprentice scheme for local young people. And besides who wouldn't want to feature in a scene from Pulp Fiction?

Check out the page and get to know the creatives behind the clip - www.the-cheek.com/mia-returns

For more information about the Ovation turntable and more, head to Clearaudio.

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