Posted on 2nd May, 2018


Following on from the announcement of SME's acquisition of Garrard, it’s a big week in analog news as Thorens’ new Managing Director, Gunter Kürten, takes control of the company and moves it to Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.

One of the oldest brands in Hi-Fi, Thorens was founded by Hermann Thorens Sainte-Croix in Switzerland in 1883. The brand may have changed hands a few times, but its commitment to analog record players and its importance placed on high-quality has never changed.

From May 2018, Thorens writes another chapter of its history book as Gunter Kürten assumes control. As the former CEO of ELAC and Denon (he has also spent time with notable brands such as LG, Loewe, Sharp and Sony), Kürten has founded the new Thorens GmbH joining neighbours and fellows analog brand, Transrotor, in Germany’s Analog Valley.

Gunter Kuerten told StereoNET:

I am committed to the tradition of Thorens and I see my job in keeping the brands legacy but also in further developing this ‘analogue jewel’. I see a lot of future chances in the opening of markets. And the worldwide vinyl revival is going to assist us in that.

When asked what the immediate future holds for Thorens, Gunter Kürten responded that it’s “business as usual”.

We are happy to see another vintage brand revitalised and cannot wait to see what the future brings.

For more information visit Thorens.

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