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As is becoming a trend these days, Melbourne singer-songwriter Sophie Klein is crowd-funding her second album.

If you’re asking “Sophie who?” then you’re in luck, because Sophie and her band, Little Wise are always performing original songs and music at a venue near you.

Key the names Sophie Klein or Little Wise into Google, and you’ll be amazed at this pairing’s following and the energy behind everything they do.

Just two years ago Little Wise released a debut album called Silver Birch. An apt title given the group is hugely popular on the national Australian Folk and Alt Rock circuit.

Silver Birch, says Klein is a deeply emotional and personal album that resonated with a horde of music lovers.

She said:

Silver Birch connected with many of you. The record was made possible through Crowd Funding and through a grant from Creative Partnerships Australia.

Little Wise refuses to be pigeonholed in any single music category. To prove the point the band released the single called 100 Degrees in 2017. Klein describes the disc as music that showcases an entirely different side of Little Wise.

The band is made up of Klein’s vocals and guitar work. Rosie Burgess does bass and backing vocals, and Pam Zaharias is the group’s drummer.

What has changed is Little Wise’s musical intent that is to leave listeners feeling more alive and empowered by the experience.

Klein said:

Whether I’m quietly strumming an acoustic guitar or rocking out with the band, the aim is to leave listeners feeling more alive and heart-achingly human than before, bringing awareness to our own humanity and opening our hearts.

Amen to this noble sentiment and to the power of Klein’s and Little Wise’s music.

With a new bundle of songs and what she describes as reaching “a new maturity”, Wise is energetically raising funds to record the band’s second album.

The venture deserves the support of music lovers everywhere mainly because Klein describes the album as the result of an aim to make something authentic and full of soul.

Summed up clearly by Klein, “This will not be a run of the mill album”.

The new album is being recorded at The Aviary Recording Studio in Abbotsford, Melbourne, with Fraser Montgomery and Nick Edin doing the engineering and production work.

Klein is optimistic that music lovers will respond generously to her crowd-funding campaign. The amount needed to complete Little Wise’s second album is $10,000. So far, $535 has been raised, and there are 48 days to go.

Pledges to Little Wise’s crowd-funding campaign can be as little as $5. That amount hardly buys a coffee these days. $50 will support Little Wise and buy you your own copy on vinyl.

If you agree and would like to contribute to an emerging, original Australian music group and would like to see their music recorded on CD and Vinyl, here’s your opportunity.

For more information visit the Little Wise Pozible page.

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