Posted on 29th March, 2018


We love supporting true-blue brands and ideas here at StereoNET, so when one of our own comes up with a nifty, stylish and oh-so-simple design, we're all over it.

Enter, The Satchel. It's not so different to the messenger bag or satchel that's been used for centuries for the transportation of mail and goods.

Anthony Sawyer, the owner of Adelaide Hills-based GrizzlyWorks, a small boutique manufacturer specialising predominantly in Hi-Fi racks, saw an opportunity for a specially designed way to safely transport vinyl records, but with a bit of style. Apparently, ALDI's reusable bags, while completely functional, are just not fashionable.

So, Anthony designed a perfect fit satchel, handmade from goat leather. It's said to be softer than the leather produced from cows, yet equally durable and more water resistant thanks to the presence of lanolin.

Anthony told StereoNET:

I wanted the design as simple and subtle as possible hence the low gloss leather and brass fittings and embossing rather than badges.

While The Satchel is purpose designed to safely transport around 8 double gatefold records or up to 20 standard LPs, it's also been designed for everyday use and just like a well-worn leather jacket, the patina will only improve through use.

The intended first batch and limited run of just 50 satchels was available by pre-order only and sold out in record time via word-of-mouth (and a little social sharing). Anthony had to rethink his supply chain (and clearly, the demand!) and assures us he's now ready and willing to take orders.

The first batches will be numbered and considered a limited edition. So, throw a case of craft beer under your arm, throw a Grizzly Satchel full of vinyls over your shoulder and head to your nearest Sunday GTG.

The GrizzlyWorks Satchel is available for pre-order now for $185 RRP and delivery times expected to be around three weeks. You know what hipster time can be like though. Take comfort in the fact that The Satchel will likely last a lifetime.

For more information visit GrizzlyWorks or to order contact Anthony Sawyer here.


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