64 Audio Universal IEMs Arrive Downunder

Posted on 23rd March, 2016

64 Audio Universal IEMs Arrive Downunder

1964 was clearly a pinnacle year for Rock music. Bob Dylan couldn’t have been more poignant when he wrote and released “The Times, They are a Changin”. More relevant perhaps, it was also the birth year of In-Ear Monitor, or 'IEM'.

While IEMs have certainly evolved in the years since that era, it is Vancouver based 64 Audio that have taken this technology to the heights of where it is today.

Their new Universal Fit U-Series IEMs have arrived in Australia thanks to local distributor Minidisc.com.au, featuring their proprietary ADEL technology.

The ADEL Auto Module contains a membrane, a secondary ear drum that is more compliant than your natural ear drum. The primary function of ADEL is to absorb pneumatic pressure in the ear canal which results in a safer listening experience and a more rich and spacious sound. Without ADEL, an IEM fully seals the ear canal, creating excessive ear canal pressure which results in eat fatigue and can even lead to premature hearing loss.

With ADEL, these pressures are absorbed, sound quality is said to be improved, proper phase response is restored and the stereo image is much wider. Instrument separation is more distinguishable because the sound is delivered to your ear drum in a more natural way.

64 Audio In Ear Monitors Australia

Every U-Series and A-Series product from 64 Audio comes standard with the ADEL Auto Module (non-adjustable) and is user replaceable.

The range starts at $649 RRP for the U2 model, through to $2,649 RRP for the the pinnacle of personal audio, the 12 driver U12 model.

A breakthrough in IEM technology, check out 64 Audio's new range today for a demonstration.

64 Audio is distributed in Australia by Minidisc.com.au

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