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Project Atmos
I'm building a new house with a dedicated space for a Dolby Atmos Home Theater. I never thought my wife would let me! Dont tell her how much I've spent!
My Wife and I have settled on a plan after god knows how many display homes and webpages. Its hard because of our land size of 512sqm is not that big compared to land that me and my friends grew up on on the edge of suburbia. I'm still waiting for the first draft of the house plans to come back and I know I need to amend things already. Like I haven't told them I need conduit throughout the walls for speaker wire LOL. And I'm yet to decide on the door type/style & position for entry. I also need to include an equipment closet, what do they look like? and where should I position it. I'm thinking I can pinch some space from the study next door to make a cupboard and run a vent fan into the ceiling cavity I guess. So if you want please feel free to help me through this journey and I will share all the info and photos as it comes along. I certainly need help. Like custom made subs I don't have a clue about and maybe there is something that I am missing that is obvious to you but not to me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks lads
Room Size
5.7 Long x 4.5m Wide x 2.55m High
Rough Sketchup
The plan - 26th Feb 2016

I already have a few KEF Q Series speakers for the ground level for the 7.#.# out of the 7.1.4. I just ordered two in ceiling Ci200RR-THX speakers from the states and I will buy another couple in a few days to try and avoid the import tax etc.
Front L/R - Floor Standing Kef Q900
Surround L/R - Floor Standing Kef Q900
Surround Back - Kef Q300
Centre - Kef Q600c
Atmos Ceiling - 2x Kef Ci200RR-THX - Will buy another 2 to make 4 total
I have one SVS PC13-Ultra and I love it. But I had a lad suggest to me maybe I should go custom and make 4 of my own custom 18" sub-woofers. Ive never done this before and I dont know what it would sound like but I am excited to hear and feel what that would be like. or I can go another/2nd SVS PC13 Ultra but it will cost another $2,999. So potentially I can sell the PC13U that I own and fund a better system but I will have to make it myself and I have never done this before, but I am very handy and could pull it off, or not lol.
Screen & PJ
Projector - Epson tw9200
Screen - 120" 16:9 
In the Equipment closet
AVR - Denon x7200 (Need to buy still)
AMP - Rotel 1585 5 x 200w
Blu Ray - Oppo 103D
Satelite TV - Foxtel
Game console of choice - PS4
PC - 5960x + 2x GTX Titan X
Building Materials & Stuff
So far its Rocakwall insulation and Soundcheck plaster and some special glue with 90mm noggins.
Things I need help with:
1. Design for a component closet. What should it look like? where should it be positioned, what sort of fan system should it have, if any? etc
2. Custom made 18" subs - Where do I start I dont know. Do you know what would suit my room? Is there anyone near Geelong wanting to help me make them or be appart of the process in some way. What materials should I use and buy from where?
3. Is the Denon x7200 the best suited AVR for my 7.1.4 Atmos setup?
4. Should I do anything extra to the room?
5. I need to sort out position of the subs and what the center speaker will be sitting on.
5. Am I missing something?
Thanks lads!! 
25th Feb 2016 - House plan locked in. First drafts getting done will be ready for 29th Feb.
26th Feb 2016 - Investigating into Fire Hoods and backing housings for in-ceiling speakers and if they are not installed with the in ceiling speaker to they void my houses fire insurance?
Looking into making my own subs!!! I am quite handy and don't mind giving it a crack just got to see if it will be an improvement over buying a 2nd SVS PC13Ultra. I'm guessing 2 or even 4 18" subs would be ridiculous but I want them to work 100 percent. I don't want to be fiddling with them all the time etc.
Also got to work out how I incorporate a equipment rack into my design and what I need to do to make it actually effective and not do a dodgy mashed up job of it.
So I have my home work cut out for me before the 29th Feb.
27th Feb 2016 - Sold a Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amp, Kef LS50's and a Cambridge Audio Minx X500 Sub to help fund the atmos project.
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I'm going to go 2x MartySub's. They are DIY Home Made sub that is well documented on various online forums that produces great results.


iNuke DSP

MartyFull Sub
Dayton Audio UM18-22 18" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer

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Hi chimp

Interesting. Why do you think you need an equipment closet? Do you specifically want it all hidden? A rack could sit in the study or garage. Then you also have to have a special remotethat can control it all from your seat. It can be done but extra cost and when there is a problem you have to keep waking back to the study to see what is going on. Annoying. The simpler/cheaper thing would be to have a rack with the centre speaker sitting on top of it - just below the screen. Also most speakers don't like being flat against the front wall so they will have sit out which means you have space behind for gear as well. What about in ceiling or in floor subwoofers - can be a good IF done right and save you space.

I would be nervous about the rear double door shown. Harder to seal the noise in and may also be hard to get it not to rattle if not done properly. I would have a single door.

You may be better off with multiple small subs rather than 2 big ones.

Power points. Lots of em and preferably on their own circuit.

Also don't forget ethernet and wi fi connections/ access. I doubt anyone will watch free to air or physical media10 years from now.

What are you doing for heating/cooling? Some systems can be very noisy when working and also another source for annoying rattle's when the subs fire - esp central heating vents.

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An idea for your equipment closet is using a server rack.


You could flush mount it so that the bulk of the rack sits in the Study,


There is a thread on AVS that has some interesting ideas.



Google "server rack for home theater" for some more ideas

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I think I want a cupboard in the back right of the room with the rack inside it. I think a wider single door is the way to go. I'm guessing solid wood? I will check out JRISLES later. Cheers

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Just bought 2 more of the Kef Ci200RR-THX in ceiling speakers. So no need to worry about them anymore. Probably wont pull them out of the box for 6 months lol. Now I'm eyeing up the DYI Sub parts and looking at the equipment closet.

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I'm having slow progress too... I think couple of my in ceilings been sitting in a box for 6 months atleast... Have bought bit of stuff, still got more still to get... And still need to install it all... So sympathise :)

Ps I too would ask... Why not an open rack... It's better for your gear...

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Random thought and possibly too late to be considered...


Have you considered making your entry via the study (aka media storage, poster hanging, beer fridge, popcorn machine, HTPC/equipment) room?


Less sound leakage to the bedroom area of the house with a solid wall there than a door will get you without spending serious coin. Just need to place door appropriately to allow for you 4 midwall placed 18" subs in the HT :P

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