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Conductor V2 USB Soundcard, 8Watt Head Amp, Preamp - Indiegogo Campaign

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Hmmm - musicality is a hard one and not exactly clear cut - for certain genres no doubt the HEX is more musical but in other ways not so - the DAC is only one part of the chain after all.


The V2+ is stunning and musical with well mastered tracks - no question because it is revealing the true recording/nature of the track more so. When I listen to tracks I am very familiar with (have been listening to for 25+ years) over the V2+ as either digital recordings of the original Vinyl (if you are familiar with PBTHAL and DR Robert - underground recorders of pristine vinyl with high end rigs) or as genuine transfers/remasters onto HD Flac or SACD then the the V2+ faithfully portrays to me the original sound and feeling of the album extremely well. The reason I like the Metrum is that it can take a fairly bad CD version of the original Vinyl and give a very good reproduction of the Vinyl traits without the glaring flaws of the CD played though many of the DACs of the last few years - hence it does sound more analogue. But take a very good recording of the original Vinyl or a great modern digital recording then for the same reason I think the Metrum then loses out on the absolute resolution of the V2+ - hence I think why the HEX does not sound so good with Classical.


I have not really been able to do justice to trying the Burson Timekeeper Virtuoso - unfortunately I ran out of time waiting for both to arrive and had to sell my main speakers (the Usher Mini Dancer 2) which is frustrating to say the least. I have tried it on some Q acoustic 2020i speakers.......kind of a strange match - all I can say it the imaging on these very cheap speakers is extremely good with the timekeeper - but since they have zero going on below 65HZ it would be unfair to start assessing the merits of the amp based on this.


The T90 are a good pair of headphones. I owned the HD800 for some time (nearly 2 years) and in many ways I prefer the T90 - they have a lot of energy in the treble but not as in your face as the HD800 were, they are slightly darker, more involving than the HD800, slightly more recessed in the mids - crudely put they have more personality, depth to them - It was hard to relax with the HD800 they demanded that you listen - the T90 although highly detailed do let you relax a bit more and do actually sound pretty decent out of a portable source. I guess if you crossed the HD650 with the HD800 these would probably be the bastard child?? - Actually they are quite similar to the HD600 in broad terms, just with a deeper sound stage, slightly more recessed mids and slightly more treble energy - just a lot more absolute resolving power especially at low volume.

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So thought I would update a few things with the V2+/T90 combination.


It's been playing for another 12 hours + at reasonably loud levels. Today there are noticeable improvements - very very very good improvements indeed. The whole sound has opened up - considerably. Everything is sounding looser (in a good way), more dynamic and also the treble has stepped back a notch. I can't attribute it to either the V2+ or the T90 or a bit of both as both items are relatively new (T90 was bought S/H but with only 5 hours on the clock). I know from some reading that the T90 takes a long time to bed in - both due to the clamping force being pretty gentle, and also the driver itself. Either way it seems like the extra hours have done the trick.


None of the issues with tracks I have listened to previously - I can also quite happily crank up the volume on any of the earlier offenders - nothing there to detract/discordant at all.


Stunning would be an apt description at this stage - a truly magical piece of equipment - can I say it any stronger than that? :-) - Just give it plenty of time (I would say 50 hours plus would be a good start to bed in 

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