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Old skool dude needs advice on this digital stuff

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Hey Rod, I've got a Shiit Bifrost that doesn't get used much.  I don't think I'm looking to sell it but you're welcome to borrow it to try for a couple of weeks or so.  Might be a useful comparison with the ones in the MAC.  I can also lend you a Sonos connect +/- bridge if you want to try one out.


That's a very nice offer Tony. Might take you up on the DAC trial some time. Alas I am unable to make up to yours for the 2016 WA Woodstock - have to work on Saturdays these days.  :unsure:


I don't think I will play with Sonos or other streamers just yet (one change at a time) cos I have worked out I can already access my digital music at each computer and thru my phone with home sharing for macs. :)

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I just found this very knowledgable well written up to date overview of networked home audio options (his emphasis is on the open source world):




It might almost certainly help the OP make sense of alot of the advice here. I've been dabbling in this stuff on and off for a few years and this piece helped me put the whole digital playback picture in context without getting at all bogged down in "which dac" type questions.


Many thanks to the author Jean-Francois Dockes for sharing his hard won knowledge and experience.

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Just a quick update to let you know what has panned out and to say thanks for your advice.


After taking on board all the above I procrastinated for a while on the DAC purchase decision (information overload). About a week ago i got an audio-gd 2.32 DAC and must say that it is a little ripper compared to the straight out of the mac mini.  I have been enjoying with new interest my itunes lossless library.  


I was looking for something that would sound nearly as good as my Rega Apollo CD player with redbook cds and while i have note been bothered to do and A-B comparison i think it is very close if not at times better through the mac mini-dac route.


Buying one more box though did mean i had to reorganise the equipment furniture but i solved that easily by taking the tuner out and now using the interweb to listen to the one and only FM station i bother with on the main system.


I did momentarily wonder if i still need a cd player but have parked that thought for a while to see what happens.


cheers and beers,



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OMHH ...Oh my head hurts.....I have to put what down my dacks??

Thanks though guys for the tips. Keep 'em coming if ya want, I'm liking the advice and range of thoughts although I do lean towards the KISS approach.

Not sure how much you know

A couple of simple tricks

Album art to full screen size

Click on artwork picture snext to track playing and at the same time hit command on keyboard and picture goes full screen like this


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Changing album art to a picture of the artist

Never dot his on track 1 as that will change the cover that sits in iTunes

Google artist

In this case The Band


Search tools


Select large

Tap picture you want

In iTunes

Tap the song

Right click get info


And then drag picture into artwork

Press ok



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Not sure if this is of interest but lots of great pictures Dom the past and present of every artist you can think of

All adds to the fun of computer audio and helps when missing the size of lps

And visible from a distance

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