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Vinyl pressing services full list - what do you think?

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A few months ago we've started this service - vinyl pressing plants and brokers list where everybody can find vinyl service for him by different technical parameters, by price, by country and so on.

If you know any service that presses or provides vinyl and still is not in our catalog - write it here, please!

If you have any suggestion how to improve our service - write it here, please! =)

Thanks a lot!

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We have launched series of interview called «7 questions about vinyl manufacturing».

In this interviews we'll give the same questions to the different manufacturers. The questions are not too serious - so we hope you'll have fun reading the answers:
07 questions about vinyl manufacturing - Vinilificio

07 questions about vinyl manufacturing - Phonopress

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Interesting stuff. Keep going...... the world needs enlightenment on this subject. Long Live Vinyl!

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A vacancy of vinyl press operator for Dublin Vinyl:


A new article:
"Why vinyl? How did it start? What's the future? Music on Mars and interplanetary shipping? The head of WMfono tells the story of vinyl pressing tradition in Poland"

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    • By hootski69
      I have not posted much but i love this forum as much as King Joffree loves tormenting little folk.
      Having only just recently caught  the vinyl bug i thought i'd share this nice article i found the other night.
      What's amazing is they can press 30 to 40 thousand albums per day 24 HRS per day. And so far this year album sales have already reached upwards of 80 million. not bad for 4 months of this year.
      I have a Yamaha AS 500 Amp with a Project Genie 1.3 TT  connected to my Boston Acoustics A400 speakers .........Audio vinyl heaven.