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Excellent pricing currently for New Zealand buyers.

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I have been doing a few quotes for New Zealand buyers lately & discovered something amazing. I can actually supply including delivery my product to a NZ buyer for the almost same price or sometimes even a little LESS than a Aussie buyer. Take say a Klein DAC. Price in AUS $750 delivered. Price to NZ buyer = 750 less 75 (our GST) = 675 now less local delivery 25 = 650 . Freight to NZ ( 2Kg) via Express Post International is 46.05 so total to a NZ buyer is $696.05 AUS

Current exchange rate is AUS $ = 1.08 NZ so the NZ buyer pays $751.73 NZ$ Amazing! The only catch is they have to pay GST on anything over $400. My new LPSU's are under that so no problem there.  Bottom line - come on all you Kiwi Audiophiles, time to buy some Gieseler Audio products for Christmas!

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i came for a year in 1988. still here. as clay knows, i am pleased by the current situation and am looking forward to my dual psu and am very pleased with the service and advice i am receiving. clay has been really helpful and forthcoming with info and help. a great guy to deal with. 

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no more than the australian suppliers miss out when someone buys direct from the manufacturer. and i'm not too sure how many suppliers here have linear psu's for sale anyway.

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