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Orpheus Silex

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Hi all

g'day from Melbourne. Anybody out there have its original manuals? Ta.

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I don't have 1 but a very interesting TT

Made in Melb

Some say it is the first sprung TT in the world

Post in TT and vinyl

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Thanks guys. I have downloaded all info and manuals from The Vinyl Engine. Brilliant! :thumb:


More questions......

i happened to buy two Silexes with 2 different colors ( grey and Bronze) hammertone. Also, i noticed there are differences in the motor section ( 4 poles vs 2 poles repectively). The On/Off switches are different too. Any more info regarding the differences?.I have seen more grey silexes and not often the bronze on the net. Are bronze specially made for overseas since i have also noticed there are overseas patents numbers stated on The TT. (PAT U.S, Britain and Canada)

How many O.Silex were produced altogether?

One problem i noticed with my grey hammertone silex. The motor is on all the time even the the on/off switch is off. where is the problem? any suggestion for the repair and part required?


My observations about these two silexes.....

In addition to the 2 Silexes, I have also owned a Garrard 301 and Lenco L75 and modded L78 . I couldnt hide my disappointment when i first bought and listened to these Silexes -Motor noise, rumbling noise and platter wobbling like xxxx ,piece of shxx! i thought :angry:   Well, after spending much time and hard work based on my limited experience and more common sense, i supposed, i managed to tame the noises to the very minimum. Anybody out there with complete silent motor or vibration free while touching the TT surface? How you manage to get to that stage? Do share your secret if you can :thumb: 

i dont have much success installing the silexes into a plywood plinth which mine will lead to more noise. I installed them on 3  metal stands instead with no enclosure. This is the best i can do at the moment. It looks urgly, not presentable but the sound...... YES! :love and the noise is at the very minimum and acceptable stage.


Hope you guys can provide further info... Thanks and Regards!

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